Why us

Offshore Constructor uses data from real locations, so users can use see the implications of the location of possible projects.

Create an oil and gas subsea project concept in few hours, with structures and lines automatically engineered and positioned,
detailed project schedule auto-generated and project costs/risks calculated.

User friendly

Offshore Constructor is a web-based, multi-user platform, for generating quick, accurate and comprehensive offshore construction project.

Data privacy

We work closely with you to build your optimized project planning.

Industry professionals

Saving money

Saving time


How it works

  • Model wells data in excel and import excel to OC (1h)
  • Modify bathymetry to XYZ (1-2h), import XYZ bathymetry (1min)
  • Define project locations and SOW (10min)
  • Program vessels durations (1h), or take company vessels(1min)
  • Define project cost (2h), or take Company database (1min)
  • Basic subsea pipeline engineering (1h)
  • Specify EndPoints, FPSO location, Fixed Platform location, allparameters for iteration (2h)
  • Execute concept-check-modify parameter-execute and selectwanted concept (2h)
  • Execute planning-check-modify parameters-execute and selectthe wanted scenario (2h)
  • Process simulation (topside & subsea) (1d)
  • Initial setup (max 1 day)

Work flow